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Default Re: The Bucky Better Hook Up With Black Widow Or I Will Get Angry thread

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
Why? Should BW be the romantic interest every time a character shows up she had some fun time with in the comics? Because that would mean she'd be the romantic interest in almost every movie from now on.
Should she be the love interest whenever someone she had fun times with in the comics shows up?

Can she be the love interest when someone she was involved with in the comics for several years in a relationship that was well received?
Sure. Why not?

She's been involved with Bucky in a relationship for the past five years that has raised her profile and has been quite well received. The only other relationships that are at the same level of notability are Daredevil, who is very unlikely to show up and already has notable love interests all to his own, and Clint, who has Mockingbird.

Outside of those three, Natasha hasn't really gotten around as much as a lot make her out to be.

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