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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by bigdaddy313 View Post
You are defending the show and by doing that, you do it by dissing me, are you serious? I am not getting fired from my job cause I am too dam good at it with no problem and no complaints from staff and costumers.
I see no proof of that. Man of Action are good at their job and have produced and written way more successful cartoons than you ever have.

You don't get anything at all, saying it's only internet people when its the general masses that finally has a source to express and communicate their feelings about a product.
It's not general masses if the show is drawing good ratings. Seems that the general masses like the show unless you have evidence proving otherwise which I doubt.

And please can we all not talk about Ultimate spider-man on this tread please I am on my knees lol.
You are the one saying people need to be fired.

Originally Posted by GamerSlyRatchet View Post
I'm so glad you are so nice and totally not petty to people that are not even attacking you.
So it's OK for other people to be completely petty and rude on here since Loeb or MoA never apparently post on here? Provided you agree with their viewpoints. Got it, thanks.

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