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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I see no proof of that. Man of Action are good at their job and have produced and written way more successful cartoons than you ever have.

It's not general masses if the show is drawing good ratings. Seems that the general masses like the show unless you have evidence proving otherwise which I doubt.

You are the one saying people need to be fired.

So it's OK for other people to be completely petty and rude on here since Loeb or MoA never apparently post on here? Provided you agree with their viewpoints. Got it, thanks.
Kid listen to me, do not come in here and fight with me ok I am complaining about the show not with you ok.

Yes the general masses hate it, every site I have gone on always complaints, every single one when the show is talked about. If it was good I would see many reviews both professionally and people on youtube.

Do you know that IGN is reviewing avengers and not ultimate when the show is just before it.

And dude go and check the ratings again, that show is not getting those good ratings you think and if it was, they would praise it like how legend of korra and young justice is praised for their good ratings. Three more seasons has been ordered for korra.

Mark this day in your calendar the show will get cancelled after season 2, many things will change in the second season, mark my words.

And yes I said the should be fired, but from marvel and go and concentrate on what they do best and that is with there new show, ben 10, I want more generation rex, but when it comes to marvel those factor don't apply.

Like I said before the method they used for the show is a good method, problem, wrong character and wrong universe to use it.

Now back to avengers, I hope they use the design of asgard from the movie mixed with the 616. Like the frost giant been as big as they are in the comics and emh

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