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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

I'll go with all theatrical releases.

1. The Dark Knight Rises
2. The Dark Knight
3. Batman Begins
4. Mask Of The Phantasm
5. Batman Forever
6. Batman '89
7. Batman Returns
8. Batman '66
9. Batman (1943 serial)
10. Batman & Robin (1949 serial)
11. Batman & Robin (1997)

I love the Nolan trilogy and also like them as Batman interpretations. I'd say Mask Of The Phantasm would be the theatrical release that is closest to the comics, not a surprise considering how well B:TAS worked.

I really loved the Keaton/Burton movies when I saw them back when they came out, but I like them less now. Part of it is him doing the things the modern Batman would not do, like killing people, even thugs. He would in his origins do so, but Keaton's Batman came off more deranged than truly seeking justice. Nolan's Batman gets this right - as does the Batman from B:TAS.

So why Batman Forever above the other ones? There are many things I dislike about the movie. The garish neon visuals, the over-the-top Two-Face. And I do wish they'd have included some of the deleted scenes that flesh out the story more, because Bruce Wayne's guilt over his parents' death and what Batman has become is not handled badly. The movie is more comic-y than I'd like, but also the most heroic of the early Batfilms. I'd love to see it recut a bit.

As for the last Schumacher film - ugh. It might actually work as a camp film with some editing, but it is overlong even at just over two hours. There's no flow as it is and I'm not sure there really is much humor to find. The Adam West film works so much better.

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