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Default Re: How the Next Batman Reboot is Driven by the Suit

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post
A bodybuilder is someone who builds their body, in most cases to be bigger.

So yes, Eugene Sandow was a bodybuilder. Football players and rugby players who are supposed to be big will be doing bodybuilding exercises. That gymnast is also pretty big, and he almost certainly did heavy barbell work along with specific gymnast training.

I don't see why you are telling me that isn't worth Bruce Wayne's time to be a bodybuilder when I already said that. You've essentially repeated a point I already made.

Point is, the bodybuilder physique will not hinder Batman's abilities if that is the bodytype he happens to choose.
JAK, if you think the gymnast did barbell work to get that I recommend you check out Coach Sommer's work. They don't do barbell work to get where they are. Bodyweight is the vast majority of their training.

Sandow's physique is more what I couod see being a template for Wayne, and that's not the result of heavy barbell work. Sandow, and every strongman of his era, and the man that trained them, Professor Attila, all attest that thwir primary training was a light dumbbell protocol that took about 20 minutes a day to do. The heaviest dumbbells they would use were 7.5 lbs. Those guys also routinely did gymnastics training.

You're really expanding the definition of "bodybuiler" here to say bodybuilding exercises could be used by Batman. Which I'd agree with. Of course, there are different bosybuilding exercises. But when you say "bodybuilder" you aee evoking a very specific image.. that of Mr Universe and d muscle mags. Not athletes whose traini g is much more than some bodybuikding exercises and include all types of sport specific functional training.

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