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Default Re: Dew gotham city badges

Thank you for all the data posted in this thread. I seem to have come to an impass.

Although I've nearly camped out in the Bat Cave over the last few days, I've yet to earn the Bat Swarm Badge. Note: I'm not a facebook member and the description, "Five million heads are better than one" leads me to believe that this may be a requirement (it is to create a Tumbler).

I've pongr'd many pictures to #DEWStop but have not received a code for the 5 points, although I have earned the GC Conveniece Badge.

I did receive a code and got 5 points for the picture I pongr'd to #DEWVillain but have not earned the Bane Badge. The link to create mug shots has been removed (I wonder if this is in response to the tragedy of last Thursday night).

I haven't yet gotten to the 50 point level so I haven't earned the Dark Rising Badge.

The DewMaster and Rule The Streets Badges are still a mystery to me.

Having fun though,

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