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Default Re: Man Of Steel - Gifs/Avvy Thread

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
I think some credit should go to Snyder as well, as he is a visual director and knows exactly what will look good, I mean the effects in SR were not really bad, it too had a similar shot where Superman breaks the sound barrier, but they were not amazing but good.

Wow I should have edited that post. lol I just didn't get any thrill out of a single flying scene in that movie. It all felt very fake. I wanted to give them the benifet of the doubt but then I remembered Iron Man and couldn't give it to them. When we got the HD trailer of MOS and I saw that last scene... instant thrill. I recalled this flight you're showing but I rembered not liking it. It looks like a good video game. I didn't like the angles they used when showing is flight or how fast he was always zipping through the shot. Then when it was slowed down it looked horrible. They tried though and I'm happy for it because where SR came up short it gave the new team something to look at for what not to do or improve.

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