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Default Re: How the Next Batman Reboot is Driven by the Suit

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Scott Adkins is passable as the typical stoic martial artist. That doesn't mean he's a great actor, that means people know that you don't write martial arts movies that require a lot of acting.

Which kinda falls into the whole issue with the suit. If the acrobatic stylized martial arts is the focus, then the movie becomes less about being an emotional symbol and more about getting angry and unleashing cool martial arts moves. Which could be cool, but I don't know if that's what people want from Batman at this point, as there is a both a danger and perception of a stylized Batman being Schumacher-esque.
You do know that Scott Adkins is an actor on a british TV show that has nothing to do with martial arts, right? He's quite good in it.

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