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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Mostpowerful View Post
SR got mostly positive reviews from the critics:

And it made more $ at the BO than Batman Begins WW. It crearly tells me that it had an audience. It made more $ than many Marvel films too, but people call those movies successful but SR was not? Yes I know the production budget was bigger, but general audiences don't care or know about that.

But yeah continue with your hyperbole that everybody hated the film.. it sounds like WB believed that hype, sadly.
I was only offering my opinion, sorry.

But I'm guessing there's a reason it didn't get a sequel and its hard to find anyone who actually thought it was good. I think posting links to a video of someone explaining why they liked it reeks of desperation and insecurity.

What hype did WB buy?

Sorry if my opinion offended you, but I'm sure we can all look forward to MOS and hope that it really puts Superman back on the map.

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