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Default Re: TDKR SPOILERS (read at your own risk) - Part 5

Originally Posted by LostSon88 View Post
You've been treading that fine line for a few days now but that comment seals it.

You're a troll.

So because YOU were disappointed it deserves to fail? Please.

As you yourself stated, those who love the film and enjoyed it far outweigh those of you that didn't. No need to be bitter about it and wish the film to do poorly because it didn't meet your expectations. Whether it be box office or simple fan polls.

To wish it to 'lose' because you didn't like it is...petty.
LOL, see I knew I wasn't the only one lol. I skip a day and I come back to fine someone else suspicious of your troll ways lol.

UaalaDa...where you come from lol.

Originally Posted by UaalaDan View Post
I don't wish it to loose. I said it deserved to because Avengers is a thousand times better.
Both movies were good and both movies had flaws. Both movies served different purposes and provided different ways of entertaining. I think both were a tie, because they both did different things to be entertaining.

Originally Posted by UaalaDan View Post
So I am a troll because I find an enormous amount of flaws in this movie? LOL Give me a break dude.

I still give this movie a 7.

ps: I`m way more of a DC fan than a Marvel one.

Superman is my favorite character, probably like you.
Superman? I like Superman, but to say he is a great character as powerful as he is meh. I never liked Superman because I always knew he would win in a fist fight and could only take so much of him being outsmarted lol.

TDKR is way better than just a 7/10 You basically gave the movie a D rating. Yeah, dude you're trolling lol.

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