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Default Re: How the Next Batman Reboot is Driven by the Suit

Originally Posted by tdeverea View Post
Scott Adkins for a live-action series, not movie. That was my suggestion. His acting skills are completely passable for a 1-hour weekly show. Check him out in Undisputed 3.
Originally Posted by CaramelPopcorn View Post
You do know that Scott Adkins is an actor on a british TV show that has nothing to do with martial arts, right? He's quite good in it.
I stand corrected, he's definitely a passable TV actor. Still not feeling him for a film.

Originally Posted by Dwarf Slayer View Post
Trying to make a "real world" Batsuit is a waste of time IMO. Batman is ultimately a fantasy character.

Trying to ground him in the real world just calls attention to everything that is unrealistic about the character and his universe. A grounded character limits what you can do with the Batmobile, side kicks, villains, and even Gotham.
The real world Batsuit in Begins/TDK/TDKR definitely wasn't a waste of time and didn't draw attention to how unrealistic he was. That's something I've heard a lot of fanboys who want a more stylized Batman that they're familiar with say, but commoners aren't saying "man, there's no way he could be camped out in that cave without passing out from all the methane generated by the guano." All their questions have been abundantly answered.

It does limit what can be done with him, but it pays of in making what is done with him more valuable to the masses.

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