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Default Re: TDKR SPOILERS (read at your own risk) - Part 5

Originally Posted by GalleryOfRogues View Post
that's fair

is that because it was more of an action-packed/cgi-based film or was there something about the direction/way the character was approached that made you feel that way?

i liked the movie, but i'd give it something like a 3.5 or 4/5 whereas I feel Avengers and TDKR were closer to 5/5 films
yeah that had alot to do with it. ASM was more fun. My biggest complaint about TDKR was that there wasnt enough Batman. Too much focus on Bruce Wayne as a character which was understandable in terms of the plot but it didnt make for a more enjoyable experience. I thought ASM was fun and exciting from beginning to end whereas I thought there were several stretches in TDKR which were boring. The writing was definetly more complex and deep but I preferred the overall package ASM provided. In terms of the summer comic blockbusters, for me it goes

The Avengers
Amazing Spiderman
The Dark Knight Rises

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