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Default Re: TDKR SPOILERS (read at your own risk) - Part 5

I was expecting a lot from Bane, he was always my number one most dangerous and lethal Batman villain long before Batman franchise begin and I really wanted Hardy to shine a bit info to those people's vision of "Big Bad Steroid Muscle With No Brains Waiting For His Cables To Cut Off". Did Hardy really achieved this feat?
He is a brute in the battle scenes, especially when you see him get enraged. Hands down the first one-on-one battle is the best scene of the movie for me. very dramatic, very brutal, very awesome. bane has some pretty awesome dialogue, proving himself to be batman's intellectual match, and i liked the way his voice works in contrast with his appearance.

as for him being a glorified bodyguard, i disagree. i see his role as the league of shadows at it's best (theatricality and deception to the highest degree).

his death is quick, but when you consider what batman is unable to do (his one rule), the way he dies makes sense (at least to me) we see the machinations that eventually claim bane's life in use earlier in the movie - and they are certainly destructive enough to take him down pretty quickly.

the performance was great with tom hardy acting behind a nearly complete facial mask (wonder what he would've been like playing Bruce/Batman?), the dialogue was great (especially in the first one-on-one fight), i could understand him throughout and found the voice very fitting (seemed to me like they toned the garbling down to let hardy's actual voice come through more clearly, made him seem more menacing to me)

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