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Default Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Well now that we've finally seen all three films; and after talking with some posters about it, I'm just curious into knowing as to who was everyone's favorite romantic pairing within the Nolan series:

1. Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes: Batman Begins & The Dark Knight

2. Bruce Wayne and Miranda Tate: The Dark Knight Rises

3. Bruce Wayne/Batman & Selina Kyle/Catwoman: The Dark Knight Rises

Now if you noticed, I didn't use "Talia" above because by the time Talia's unveiled, all romantic possibilities and aspects are completely thrown out the window.haha

So the case here would be, to view that "unique" pairing based on what we saw between Talia and Bruce ONLY from the time that she had posed as Miranda at the beginning half of "The Dark Knight Rises".

Course, there's always the option of choosing another pairing within the series, ala the "Other" option; whether it be Harvey Dent & Rachel, or from what I've read in Annefan's posts, Holly and Selina

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