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Default Re: Batman on a budget - my homemade costume

So, last night was the big Norwegian premiere for The Dark Knight Rises (though I saw it in London last friday) and finally it was time to show off my costume. Like I said, I´ve had to cut some corners to get ready for the premiere, will be working on a new costume with homemade cowl, belt etc. in the future, but this was what I went with for this event. I work part time at the cinema, so I took on the responsibility for the entire show (we also showed BB and TDK as a warm-up). I live in a small town called Lillehammer (you may have heard of it as host for the Olympics some 18 years ago, or from the TV-show Lillyhammer) so people are not used to seeing Batman everyday, and I got a very good response from the audience, Bane showed up as well!

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