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Default Re: The better Spider-man/Peter Parker? Andrew vs Tobey

Takes the responsibility and walks away, which I still think is one of the most emotionally satisfying ending to any film I've ever seen.
I liked the part where he walked away from MJ, too. I was feeling the burden with him. Also I was sort of rooting against him getting the girl, since the "this whole story revolves around a girl" idea bugged me so much (and I'm a girl so this rom-com bs is supposed to appeal to me, yet I would rather have his love interest be part of his world, not be his whole world), but I digress...

Just saw Amazing Spider-Man a second time, paid more attention to how Garfield was playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and I went from lukewarm about it to liking it a lot. I was expecting more funny wisecracks the first time around, and was disappointed by the amount there was in the movie, which colored my judgement a bit. My first impression was that there was too much emo crying, but now I think it's pretty much the right amount and not emo considering the story put him through the wringer (they had him angst over his parents, then Uncle Ben, then Dr Connors, and finally Captain Stacy... would have been nice if they eased up and don't kill Captain Stacy yet, but oh well). Andrew's face got close to being too weird during the Uncle Ben death scene, but it's still not so bad compared to Tobeyface. Overall he did well with the teary/crying scenes. Very affecting; didn't make me wonder what's wrong with his face.

Okay, now I see he definitely isn't "too cool for school". It's just that he played his dorkiness in a gawky way, as opposed to a derpy way, which was how Tobey played it. Sure, Andrew's Peter Parker has "cooler" hair and clothes - but trust me, if he's a hipster he should be wearing weirder clothes to show off what a unique snowflake he is, so I don't see him as hipster. Check out the drab colors he wears as Peter Parker. This is a kid trying to blend into the background. Big contrast with the red and blue as Spider-Man.

Look at the way he took it in stride when Flash hit him with a basketball on purpose and shrunk back when Flash pretended to be about to hit him, and look at that part where he had to squeeze past a couple blocking his locker (who completely ignored him). Everything in his body language got across that this is a guy who is used to being treated like garbage.

So, he usually just takes whatever crap people dish out to him. But pick on someone else in front of him and he won't take it anymore. That would make him push back. Wow, even old trilogy Peter Parker didn't stand up to bullies before powers. After powers, Amazing Peter Parker didn't do anything to Flash until Flash picked on some girl (Peter might have been so eager because he's partly getting a little sweet revenge for himself and having fun showing off, but still). Old trilogy Peter Parker wasn't defending anyone else, just himself, when he hit Flash hard enough to send him flying. Who's the real goody-two-shoes here? Come to think of it, maybe Amazing Peter Parker is even too good to be true (ah, well, he is a superhero after all).

He was really not as much of a belligerent brat to Uncle Ben and Aunt May as in my first impression. The way he leapt to help right away when there was a problem in the house (flooded basement) - pretty clear this is a kid that likes to help out around the house (and the fix for the freezer flooding the basement is pretty technical, so they're showing that he's smart at the same time, I liked that). And he was quick to assure Uncle Ben that he's been a great father when Uncle Ben was going on about not being able to help him with his homework.

The apology when he got home late after getting the spider-bite at Oscorp? Felt pretty genuine. The apology over forgetting to pick up Aunt May? Also felt genuine. He only got impatient after Uncle Ben kept on lecturing him at length and then it hit a raw nerve when his father was mentioned. That he didn't get belligerent faster already makes him way more mellow than most teens. His face when he looked back at Uncle Ben and Aunt May after breaking their door - shocked, apologetic, freaked out - so much going on in that short moment. If only Uncle Ben didn't follow him. He totally would have been back home soon enough apologizing profusely and working on getting the door fixed.

Telling Aunt May to go to bed? He kept hiding his face from her and it was aggravating for her, but he wasn't trying to be rude and disrespectful. The guilt... the shame... it was written all over his face. He literally couldn't face her. Putting a blanket over her when she was asleep on the couch? Aww... so sweet. Oh, and gotta love that scene near the end where he hands Aunt May some eggs with a sheepish grin and gives her a hug while she's horrified at his scratched up face and generally looking like something the cat dragged in. That was hilarious and touching at the same time.

Oh, and I'm 100% certain he knows the thief he let escape killed Uncle Ben as soon as the police handed him their sketch and tells him about the guy's arm tattoo. There was a close up on Peter's face and flashback showing Peter seeing the thief and his tattoo in the store, and the flashback of the thief's face cut right to the sketch, in case we didn't get it. He didn't have to catch the guy to know it was the same guy, and I like it this way. I'm totally seeing what people are saying about this movie showing the gradual progression of Peter becoming Spider-Man. This really is an untold story, considering the old trilogy just cut right to graduation from high school after Uncle Ben died (and he nabbed the guy the same night), then cut to a wacky montage of people talking about Spider-Man. The way the old trilogy did it was fun, and going through the rough "after losing Uncle Ben" time with Peter is not so fun, but I'm starting to appreciate how much more nuanced the Amazing version is when it comes to characterizations, in comparison to the trilogy version.

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