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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

It's all good man, avengers assemble is the show to watch and it has no choice but to have a very good first impressions to the fans and future fans of marvel.

And if it isn't, well that's it for the cartoons, only comics and movies would be acceptable.

Loab would have to fix the problem, we still have faith in Jeff, but if this doesn't work out, he could be in trouble with the Disney executive maybe.

I heard from another site, toonzone forum that a friend of a member is working for marvel and that a Disney executive came to the office and told loab and co to fix the problem and get rid of the bad publicity they have gotten hence (I think) the announcement that avengers assemble would be a continuation of earth's mightiest heroes which would lead to character development and maybe story arcs.

Disney bought Marvel to attract the people they weren't able to attract to a Disney channel and that is comic book, syfy, nerd geeks and they are millions of those around the world.

Disney's rich, but they want more and they want everyone which is why they are expanding there brand to not just kids and family but every one.

It makes sense especially when you want to be the ultimate brand to kick the competition and marvel has the power to do that, which makes sense that they spent 4 billion.

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