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Default Re: TDKR SPOILERS (read at your own risk) - Part 5

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
Pretty much. I mean, it might've even taken time for Bruce to recover physically after the blast. Also, he probably didn't even know where or how to contact Alfred since Alfred left.
Maybe he could have a note delivered to him at the funeral. Alfred looked like he was going to go straight home and put a gun in his mouth.

Actually, it was nice the way they did it. Alfred said earlier that after many years of thinking he was dead back in the Batman Begins days he had a fantasy he ran into him at the cafe and he had moved on in his life and found happiness. It's really no different than then. Again he thinks Bruce is dead but this time his fantasy came true. People shouldn't wonder why Bruce let Alfred think he was dead. He'd already done it before. There had already been a funeral for Bruce back before Batman Begins time. I wonder if they used the same headstone.

Think of it this way. In Batman Begins he had been gone for so long he was declared legally dead and a tombstone was put next to his parent's grave. During that time Alfred dreamed of running into Bruce at that cafe and they didn't speak but he saw he was alive and happy. If you erase all events from Batman Begins to the end of this movie, Bruce would still be declared dead and Alfred's fantasy came true. You can't think about how it was unreasonable in this movie for Bruce to let Alfred and friends think he was dead, especially since he did it before.

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