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Default Re: Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon

You know what, the hulk and agent of smash will not receive bad publicity like how ultimate spider-man did cause lets face it, as big and as ground braking as the hulk is, even with the avengers movie hulk is not as big as spider-man.

Now this doesn't really need story arc or character growth to be honest. In the hulks case we and the general masses just want hulk smash.

The name sounds kidish but the name speaks for itself when we are going to get crazy, explosive and heavy powerful battle scenes, cause that is the strongest team we have ever seen. In the comics they where very powerful group and I think this cartoon will work big time with that.

Then again we will not know till the time comes, I am a Marvel guy and I will watch anything they do, it's the Marvel in me.

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