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Default Re: When will Avengers 2 come out?

Iron Man 3 arrives May 2013. Thor 2 is November 2013. Captain America 2 is April 2014. They have nothing officially scheduled after that.

I still want The Incredible Hulk 2, or we can have Iron Man 3, Banner teams up with Stark as a scientist on breakthroughs, but for the final battle, there's a need for both Hulk and Iron Man together. Doubt that'll happen, since Iron Man can carry the whole thing, but it would be a good fit for Banner/Hulk if they're not confident about him helming a whole movie on his own. I'd like to see at least a few friendships forged without ignoring what happened in these movies only to have them reunite for a sequel.

I feel putting more than six leads in the next film would be a mistake. The film seems packed with storylines; any more, and you run into problems.

Jensen Ackles for MCU Venom!

Spider-Man (2017): His MCU solo debut. The film would star Vulture as the villain, hired by Kingpin to stop the new hero, and take Peter back to high school. Eddie Brock would be introduced as well.

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