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Default Re: When will Avengers 2 come out?

Iron Man 3 arrives May 2013. Thor 2 is November 2013. Captain America 2 is April 2014. They have nothing officially scheduled after that.

I still want The Incredible Hulk 2, or we can have Iron Man 3, Banner teams up with Stark as a scientist on breakthroughs, but for the final battle, there's a need for both Hulk and Iron Man together. Doubt that'll happen, since Iron Man can carry the whole thing, but it would be a good fit for Banner/Hulk if they're not confident about him helming a whole movie on his own. I'd like to see at least a few friendships forged without ignoring what happened in these movies only to have them reunite for a sequel.

I feel putting more than six leads in the next film would be a mistake. The film seems packed with storylines; any more, and you run into problems.

Jensen Ackles for MCU Venom!

My take on a new Spider-Man trilogy
1st movie: Kingpin and Vulture with Eddie Brock in a minor role
2nd movie: Kraven's Last Hunt with a Sin-Eater subplot, Spidey having the symbiote from Infinity War
3rd movie: Venom

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