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Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Is Bat's immune to tornadoes, god blasts, anti-force blasts, and hurricanes? He's also not a "simple brawler", he's had thousands of years of combat experience by the way.

Thor also has superhuman speed which means his reaction time is MUCH faster than any humans and no Batman is not worthy of lifting Thor's hammer.
Batman has special armor that he uses to fight beings such as superman, captain marvell, darkside, lobo etc... Having a special suit to fight Thor is really nothing to batman. Thor's combat experience stems from the hammer, it's way to slow to hit someone like batman who has effortlessly dodged omega beam blast from darkside which he commented on the fact he's the first to dodge them.

Batman is super peak human meaning his reaction time and speed is low god tier, as evidenced to him frequently dodging punches thrown by superman and being able to fight superman nearly to a push.

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