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Default Re: What we know about Thor 2 from the Avengers...

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
I've been lurking in this thread to see if I could get the answer to this, but I couldn't find it so hopefully you Thor fans can help me out.

I have not seen Avengers....I'm waiting for blu ray. My question is does Avengers answer the question of the auroras Jane was researching when she first met Thor? I was watching Thor again with a friend of mine recently and I noticed she mentioned there had been others that usually occured in some kind of pattern. Again, since I haven't seen Avengers I don't know if that is connected to that so I'm curious...

I took it as effects that appear from people travelling the Rainbow Bridge, given that it appears when Thor comes. Asgardians probably don't travel there often but since Midgard is the mid realm you would probably pass it even if you're going to another realm, which could be why she's seen it before.

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