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Default Re: The better Spider-man/Peter Parker? Andrew vs Tobey

I can see how he might have a brooding loner vibe. Especially that part where he went kind of dark after Uncle Ben died. But I think mostly he's actually a little too cheerful and friendly to really be considered a brooding loner. That scene where the girl asked him to take a picture of her boyfriend's car? A brooding loner would have told her to piss off or walked away from her without dignifying her stupid request with a response. He smiled and said yes (his "that's so thoughtful of you" cracked me up), happy that one of his peers is being nice to him for once, even though he knows very well that she's just using him. He strikes me as a guy who does want to make friends, it's just that most of his peers are either awful or indifferent to him. And he's kind of afraid to "put himself out there" because it's so awkward for him. Which is how he usually ends up hanging out alone.

It seems he's in yearbook club? For some reason he takes pictures of various school activities and put them in the display case at school. Hey, being a photographer is the perfect activity for someone who wants to interact with people but hide behind something at the same time.

I forget, did he ask Gwen out or did she ask him out? In any case, she became more approachable to him because she was nice to him first.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention that he clearly didn't mean to beat up the people on the subway. It's just that his new Spider-reflexes went into overdrive when they came at him. But he kept apologizing to them anyway, even as they kept attacking him. Such a good boy with such good manners. Hee.

Anyway, he only seems to brood in situations where it would make perfect sense for anyone to get broody, like finding the briefcase belonging to the father who abandoned him, losing the uncle who was like a father to him, turning his mentor into a monster, and getting his girlfriend's father killed (and having to promise not to see her anymore). Brooding in these circumstances just makes him human.

We have to remember, unlike us, he doesn't know there's anything more to the story. As far as he knows, dad just discarded 7(?)year-old him with a stern "be good". I was like "wow, that's cold".

To see a dick and douchenozzle of the highest order playing at being Spider-Man, see Peter Parker in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch anymore episodes of that lately, I'm afraid it would ruin my Amazing Spider-Man high.

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