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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Originally Posted by TLH View Post
As of right now, Batman has the best superhero trilogy in existence, and one of the best cinematic trilogies of all-time, to his name. Anyone who would dispute this has a long, difficult fight ahead of them.

The Avengers franchise, however, still has to deliver two more movies with no real missteps to even enter the talk with Batman. And that's an EXTREMELY difficult task it has ahead of itself.

So yeah, Avengers wins the box office battle with a 3D boost and no tragedy. And you know what, it probably would have won anyway (I'm not going to fool myself), but people need to stop making it out like it's some huge victory.

In the end, the quality of the movies is what endures and what people remember. TDK Trilogy is destined to be a classic. Can't say the same for The Avengers... yet.
The last sentence particularly

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
TDKR didn't escape the second sequel curse for me, much to my surprise and disappointment. It was of higher quality than most 3rd outings but still had the same basic problems; bloated story, too many characters, weak villain motivation and ultimately a pretty underwhelming climax.
Didn't The Dark Knight have more characters?

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