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Default Re: Current Thor in Comics

In one of the avengers comics? When Thanos told Hulk to destroy them?

Also, are you as disgusted with Marvel as I am right now? For the Avengers x men arc? Every single one Thor gets trashed. And based on the previews for this one, it looks like Thor gets killed.


I for one am sick and tired of seeing this, someone at Marvel really hates Thor. I am really torn between 2 things right now,

1. Writing a letter of complaint to Marvel. Because this is absolutely ridiculous.

2. Just stop reading comics involving Thor because I can hardly read this anymore.

Looks like Marvel is about to kill Thor..again. He just came back in like March.

**** marvel for what they are doing to Thor. I'm utterly disgusted.

If they kill him off in this arc, I am officially done reading marvel comics, until I hear word that the recent jobber has ended, my marvel fix will be the movies.


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