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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

In terms of what I'd like to see, it would be the rumored Batman 3 that Nolan originally planned before Ledger's death except it could be fashioned as a reboot. The rumor has it that the sequel to TDK would have had Batman face a new threat that would require the help of the Joker as sort of a Hannibal Lecter type .

Nolan denies that any sort of story was on the table, but I think that type of story could be a start for a reboot with an already established Batman and Joker who've already battled a few times. At the same time Batman needs the help of his help in order to try to profile this new threat , maybe somelike Riddler who the Joker could understand and profile given their similarities.

Thrown in Hugo Strange who works for the GCPD ,and Detective Silver St Cloud, and I think you already have an established universe which hits the ground running without going through the origin , Bruce's training, learning how to be Batman etc. I'd still want an actor who's like 26-29 and not some middle aged Batman because we just did that with TDKR . However they can establish Batman in his prime, as an urban legend who's been around a few years and who works with Commisoner Gordon secretly.

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