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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Hi Peeps.

To me, the first Batman from Tim Burton is the quintessial Batman movie.

Only the Animated Series surpasses it but when it comes to "live" flicks, Burton is on top.

Then, out of the three Nolan ones, Batman Begins is EASILY the BEST "Batman" Movie".

Why ?

For many reasons but mainly for the (keyword here) Batman

It's the one Dark Knight flick that focuses the most on The Caped Crusader himself .

It's the first and last true "origin story" for this super hero and it's an amazing journey from Gotham to Asia to Gotham City again.

It's definitively the ultimate "Bruce Wayne" Flick as well.

To me , the best Batman experience has to be about The Caped Crusader himself first and foremost.

TDK gave way too much importance to the villain and I was appaled to see how people were considering The Joker as the legit "hero" of this one...

TDR is also about Bane more than Batman himself.

And I Don't find a frickin terrorist appealing the slightest.

What I truly loved on BB is also the use of two villains which were never ever used in a Batman live stuff .

Especially The Scarecrow.

I love the fact that the villain uses the Arkham Asylum as his main target to weakness Batman and Gotham as a whole.

The "fear" factor is also a huge plus to me.

I love the mysticism of some images and scenes on it, I love how Batman is DOMINANT.

He is the one in charge, he is the one who kicks asses and he is the one winning and standing TALL in the end.

That's how any super hero movie should be as far as I'm concerned.

Let's add ninjas (who doesn't like Ninjas ?) into the mix and some beautiful photography and stages and you get a movie that is, indeed, a masterpiece.

BB is, for me, the one Nolan's Batman that can stand multiple viewings and It never gets old .

Last but not least, it's also the only one of the three where I can stand Bale's voice as The Dark Knight.

It works well on BB while it's extremely irritating and annoying on the other two (where he sounds like a guy with a serious case of asthma).

Batman Begins >>> TDK + TDR

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