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Default Re: Fear. Chaos. Pain. Vote for your favorite Nolan Batfilm!

I voted TDK. I'm honestly surprised to see TDKR is winning this poll. I really can't decide which is better between BB and TDKR. At first I gave it to BB, but I admit my love for that film is colored by it was the first "Batman movie" made in the way I always wanted. BB has a much stronger first act in introducing us to Bruce, his journey and his world, but TDKR, pardon the pun, rises so much higher in its narrative ambitions and has a much stronger ending.'s tough.

What isn't hard is saying that TDK blows them both away. To me it took two of the most iconic aspects of Batman's mythos (his yin/yang and order/chaos relationship with the Joker; the tragic fall of trusted friend Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face) and wove them into a narrative that both drew from comics like TKJ and TLH, as well as films and television like Heat and The Wire. Most of all it wrapped it into a morally ambiguous and uneasy reality seeped in post-9/11. I honestly do believe when people look back at cinema in the post-9/11 world of the Bush years, TDK will be one of the benchmark films that expressed the feelings of existential dread, disgust at some of our policies and wars and the obsession with hope and heroism that followed that tragic event (the papers about superhero films being a major product of national yearning have already been written).

And I haven't even mentioned Heath Ledger yet.

This is an easy vote for me.

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