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Default Re: Fear. Chaos. Pain. Vote for your favorite Nolan Batfilm!

1. TDKR โ€“ 5/5
2. TDK โ€“ 5/5
3. BB โ€“ 4/5

TDK might have a tighter script, better editing and pacing. But the individual scenes and the overall emotions of TDKR trumps every flaw, I couldn't care less about some jarring transitions when when the overall story is so great and the individual scenes totally wrecks me with it's emotions. It has heartbreaking sadness, inspiring hopefulness and heart-rushing tension, all served on a plate of grandness and comic-book-language. ยด

I'm one who can easily forgive technical and/or more individual flaws if the overall story and the movie itself with all it's visuals, dialogue and scenes still manages to deeply move, immerse or outright wow me. And boy did TDKR do that, rarely been as mesmerized by a movie as I was in the last 30 minutes of TDKR. Overall a very heartfelt and inspiring end to a brilliant trilogy.

Oh and I loved Bane as a villain even more than The Joker, never would have guessed that.

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