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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post

God that makes me love '89 Batman even more with the terrible writing with the final act.
Apparently that was scripted without Burton even knowing. They built the sets and during filming Nicholson was asking what was meant to be happening as he and Basinger went up the tower. Burton had to tell him that he didn't know.

I re-watched B89 last night for the first time in a while and found the beginning to be very tight, gritty, gothic, and it has a nice angle on Batman - he's almost supernatural and Keaton plays him very cold and emotionless. Now and then his eyes flare with madness. I've always wondered if he deliberately dropped Napier... The middle of the film is less interesting, probably because the Vale-Wayne romance is a little contrived and the Joker himself is a little directionless. He has a plan but he's in it to sate his own narcissism and sadism (and Nicholson's Joker is very much a sadist, mutilating Alicia to satisfy an 'artistic' urge, etc. His narcissism is obvious from Nicholson's first scene), so there's no real mystery there, whereas in TDK (a film I don't even particularly enjoy) the Joker is always a step ahead, ducking and weaving and beguiling, which keeps the plot on the constant move. The last act of B89 picks up - much more excitement, and more wonderful toys, though Gotham's police are conspicuously absent during the parade, which is a mistake I think, because I really liked the corruption angle in the first part of the film. Despite this, Gotham's presented very well - the cops are corrupt, the mob rules, the city is financially bankrupt, its public officials ineffectual ... you can definitely see the template on which Batman Begins was built, or rather, since Begins was based on Year One, the template that Begins continued.

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