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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

I find this hard... lemme try...

1. Batman '89 (great cast, music, and a great beginning and end, but a flabby middle)
2. Batman Begins (great cast and atmosphere, ala B89 -maybe more so- but an oft-hammy script)
3. Batman Returns (again for cast and atmosphere, music, but the script isn't as interesting)
4. Mask of the Phantasm (great mystery, great anti-hero in the Phantasm and Joker is divine)
5. The Dark Knight (Less atmosphere than BB, more spectacle, but a less interesting Wayne, the insufferable Dawes, Caine and Freeman still playing fictionalised versions of themselves...)
6. Batman Forever (Kilmer's a good casting decision to replace Keaton, but the beginning of Batman's 90's live-action decline...)
7 Batman and Robin (not the end of civilisation, but pretty terrible)

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