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Default Re: Fear. Chaos. Pain. Vote for your favorite Nolan Batfilm!

Originally Posted by LibraryKrystal View Post
Batman Begins 9/10
The Dark Knight 10/10
The Dark Knight Rises 6.5/10 ...7 if I've had coffee.

Perhaps having been a student of film - having taken in-depth classes in storytelling, storyboarding, editing, etc. - makes me more likely to nit-pick. I'll admit that. TDKR has many redeeming factors, but I can't shake my disappointment in some of the careless treatment of details, as well as the imbalance in character development/screen time (particularly in Cotillard's case). The twist ending felt a bit cheap.

That said, Michael Caine was fantastic and Hardy was genuinely scary, which must be hard to pull off with most of one's face covered. I loved the echos of BB ("A storm's coming" and the visual of a broken bat-mask). But when it comes to judging these works as films, TDK reigns supreme for me in script, cinematography, acting - the whole shebang.
Good post!

However, with all due respect, I cannot entirely agree.

I am sure film school is training you well. One of the biggest things I learned there was how difficult it is to shape gratifying endings. TDKR does this. Yes, Nolan employs a cheat, but in my humble opinion it is justified by the audience reaction/emotion it makes room for. It also allows the film's controlling idea to be expressed through an electrifying reveal. Something I learned in film school (and that I think about everyday as I storyboard) is the following: the audience will forgive everything if you give them a satisying emotion at a film's conclusion. It is the hardest thing to pull-off in a film story. TDKR does this powerfully.

Again, I like your post, your thinking, and respect your education. Just wanted to share a different point of view.

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