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Default Re: Fear. Chaos. Pain. Vote for your favorite Nolan Batfilm!

No matter which one is your favorite, we got some of the most bad ass Batman moments in all three:

- Docks scene
- Saving Rachel
- Storm is coming
- Swear to me!
- Taste of your own medicine, doctor?
- Arkham escape with the Bats
- Chase scene with tumbler
- Final fight with Ra's on the train
- Rooftop ending with Gordon

- Batman's first appearance
- Bank vault crime scene
- MCU rooftop meeting with Dent and Gordon
- Honk Kong sequence
- Check the names...
- I'm counting on it
- Bat-pod ejects out of the Tumbler
- Interrogation of the Joker
- Beautiful isn't it?
- Prewitt Building fight with SWAT
- Whatever Gotham needs me to be


- First appearance in 8 years
- Saving Catwoman on the rooftop
- Stealth takedown's of Bane's mercenaries
- First fight with Bane
- Light it up
- Blake watching Batman lay waste to 4 of Bane's mercenaries
- Not everything, not yet
- Final showdown with Bane
- When the trigger is in my hand, then you have my permission to die
- Final chase with the Bat
- Reveal to Gordon and Goodbye kiss to Catwoman

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