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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

Really, I feel so lucky that as a Batfan I have so many great movies to watch whenever I want to. (Then again, I just want more!)

Ranking every single movie - animated, live action, long as they are a full movie (not like Gotham Knight).

1. The Dark Knight gets to the top thanks to its outstanding tension and spectacular use of villains. 10/10
2. Batman Begins is the perfect origin story for Bats. Also the best movie about Batman himself. 10/10
3. Batman Returns is the most visually stunning Batman film. A German-expressionism/fairytale interpretation which still feels fresh - it's like a wonderful 'elseworlds' film now. 9.5/10
4. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Still one of the best Batman stories ever written. 9.5/10
5. The Dark Knight Rises - A great film, but some flaws in pacing and character portrayals stop this from being brilliant. A good Bruce Wayne film, but not necessarily Batman. 8.5/10
6. Batman (1989) - We owe a lot to this film. Still fantastic after 23 years. 8.5/10
7. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - Took the Beyond concept to an entirely new level. 8/10
8. Batman: Year One - Wonderful, though a little short. Expanding it a little would have been great. 7.5/10
9. Batman: Under the Red Hood - A strong animated entry, though Jason Todd is not really my character of choice. 7/10
10. Batman: The Movie (1966) - Awesome time capsule of 1960s pop culture. 7/10
11. Batman: Sub-Zero - More like an extended episode, but a great one nonetheless. 7/10
12. The Batman vs. Dracula - Same as above, but not quite as compelling. 6.5/10
13. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman - A flawed film but a decent watch. 6/10
14. Batman & Robin - At least this film knows what it is - you can give it credit for not trying to be serious with all of its camp, unlike Forever - which tries to mix psychological trauma with fluorescent lighting. 4/10
15. Batman Forever - A terrible mix of tones, this has the fewest redeeming qualities for me. 3.5/10

Wow - fifteen films? Man, that's not enough!!!

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