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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
As far as predictions go here are a few

*The next film will probably be more action/ adventure oriented than brooding and dramatic.
* They'll probably go with a 20 something , younger, unknown or rising thesp as Batman much like they cast Andrew Garfield as Spiderman.
* The film will definately be in 3D, assuming its still the rage by the time the development of the film gets going
* This Batman world will be a world in which superbeings exist , which sets the stage for JLA
* They'll want the film to appeal to a wider teen and family audience as opposed to the Nolan films which were geared more towards adults
* I actually think they bring out the big guns like Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Mr Freeze etc for the next film. I think the Nolan route of minor baddies as introduction probably won't happen for the first film.
* Cast will be made up of younger versions of characters such as Gordan, Alfred, and the love interest, in order to keep them around for potentially several sequels.
* Overall , I think the tone of the next film will be more along the lines of The Batman and ASM in terms of a younger, fresh , brooding hero .
* WB will get a young fresh director whom they can keep the reigns on until they've proven themselves
* They're not gonna do the origin again, at least for the first film.

* If all else fails , they'll go to with a truck load of cash Bale and try to woo him back for a justice league film , Nolan continuity be dammed.
I think you're right - I can see all of this happening. 'Youth' is the name of the game in Hollywood at the moment, the younger the stars, the more the studio wants to greenlight it. I think in many ways Batman: Earth One could be a template. I wouldn't mind all of this, except for too much metahuman stuff.

Amazing Spider-Man is a great foundation for a new franchise, so there could be worse things to use as inspiration.

On the other hand, I could also see a movie based on Arkham Asylum/City games happening as well, with an older Batman.

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