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Default Re: When will Avengers 2 come out?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
I'm really kind of hoping we get:


Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April)
Guardians of the Galaxy (August)
Ant-Man (November)


Black Panther (February)
The Incredible Hulk 2 (May)
Avengers 2 (Late July)

Now that would be ballsy. I personally think there should be at least one established sequel every year...just as sort of a guarantee for Marvel. So that means an Iron Man, Thor, Cap, or Avengers movie every year.
It would be ballsy, *and* it would make 2015 a virtual gold mine for Marvel.

I still think Dr. Strange needs to come out before TA2, though. Before the Avengers face off against Thanos, they're REALLY gonna need Dr. Strange in the lineup. For "historical authenticity," as well as the kind of god-powered, reality-bending uber-magic that will be needed to defeat a cosmic power like the Mad Titan.


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