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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

TV is just not the place to go these days. Going from major blockbuster tentpoles to a weekly watered down TV show on network television- downgrading would be an understatement. It would be comical seeing Hulk in a TV show today, unless only Bruce Banner is featured.

You basically have to go to Z-list characters in the Marvel staple to do them any sort of justice on television. Note how one never sees Superman on Smallville. That's basically how you would have to approach Hulk. So a series focusing on a younger Banner pre-transformation might work. But who wants to see Banner without the Hulk? Or who wants to see Hulk with some crappy animatronic/CGI hybrid that makes dinosaurs in Terranova look like creatures in Avatar?

So forget the Hulk. Even Heroes for Hire, that could easily be a featured film in the vein of the Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour series. As cliche as the concept may be, would you rather get that or a more stylized and flamboyant NYPD blue that wouldn't even cater to most adults.

So stay the hell away from TV. Maybe after 20 years when we have a fully established MCU and multiple actors and renditions of Marvel characters have long surfaced, and audiences are completely familiar with Marvel that they want to go even deeper into the world. Then you can expand the universe. Note how Star Wars is moving to live action TV in the future, but it won't feature Skywalker or Vader. Don't feature any A-list characters on a weekly live action TV series. You can never do them justice.

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