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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr. Finger View Post
I get why Nolan went the way that he did, I just think that the suit now is kind of over-designed. I get the removable Cowl... the independent neck.. makes sense in the environment that Nolan has created. But from the waist down, to me it's a mess... Now as far as the materials... It just comes down to the design and it's execution...I think the "Batsuits" have spent to much energy trying to make them really clean... body-shopped... and smooth... I , personally, liked the top half of the "Dark Knight" suit... with a different Cowl and Cape... get rid of the "grid" on the legs... and just have Batman pull over The material does not really matter.. it's the "look" of the material. Could be a cotton or a wool even... the colour is important... as is a big black Bat on the chest. But the material over the armor that is from the "Dark Knight" suit could be cool.
Well, I like the sound of that!

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