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Default Re: Current Thor in Comics

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
In one of the avengers comics? When Thanos told Hulk to destroy them?

Also, are you as disgusted with Marvel as I am right now? For the Avengers x men arc? Every single one Thor gets trashed. And based on the previews for this one, it looks like Thor gets killed.


I for one am sick and tired of seeing this, someone at Marvel really hates Thor. I am really torn between 2 things right now,

1. Writing a letter of complaint to Marvel. Because this is absolutely ridiculous.

2. Just stop reading comics involving Thor because I can hardly read this anymore.

Looks like Marvel is about to kill Thor..again. He just came back in like March.

**** marvel for what they are doing to Thor. I'm utterly disgusted.

If they kill him off in this arc, I am officially done reading marvel comics, until I hear word that the recent jobber has ended, my marvel fix will be the movies.

Originally Posted by Thor The Mighty View Post
I'm actually reading old Thor issues on a DVD Rom. I've decided as long as Marvel mistreats this character they will not have my money.
Hell yeah guys I agree

I guess all that talk Marvel was doing about how powerful Thor is in "A vs X-Men" was a bunch of ********.

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