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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Begins was the best IMO. It was so subtle and not in-your-face, and very intelligently made. It was fresh. It was a game changer. There was so much nuance in every character and it seemed that everyone were giving it their best (cough!Bale!cough!) Batman himself (or Bale's Batman) was his best in Begins and there was so much of Bruce and Batman - TDK and TDKR was more villainous and that's okay, but if you're a fan of Batman, you want more bats!!! It was symbolic and I can watch a hundred times and not get bored, which for me is the litmus test for a good movie. It's a classic film. The scene with his parents' death was the best in any movie, comic, cartoon EVER. The moment is iconic. When he looks upon the suit for the first time, WOW! The music, the scenery, the set, the actors, the direction, the script, the script, the script! Begins just knocked it out of the park and it's a pity that it made the least of the trilogy.

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