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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Hands down BB is my favourite. I think how much focus was given to Bruce Wayne and Batman was key here. I never understood how in the past, Batman was overlooked because he is a fascinating character, as is his particular crusade on crime.

The quick-cut fights, the Tumbler, the exploration of guilt and anger, the corruption, the definition of a vigilante and symbol, the real meaning of justice etc. So many great things upon in the film. Where as in TDK, whilst it is a very good film it does sideline Bruce Wayne and Batman. And I have to say the Joker does steal the show whether you want to admit it not. People bang on about the film being the best but if it weren't for Ledger's Joker, the film would have suffered. Dent's arc was rushed and some of his actions a bit puzzling, such as his sudden personality switch when he kidnapped Thomas Schiff. I thought Gotham in TDK looked unrecognisable from the Gotham of BB. I really missed the Gotham set. Scarecrow was just tossed away like an afterthought and ironically, the Joker is all against order and those with plans yet he orchestrated the most complicated one! I thought the fight scenes looked too choreographed in the Penthouse scene.

And thankfully Nolan concluded the series with TDKR. I always knew there would be a follow-up film as I couldn't be satisfied with the TDK. Batman's supposed to endure all hardship, how good is that message if you just end the series with him riding off on the Batpod?

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