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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
If the film will have some ties to MCU i think this show, might just revolve around normal people or cops who live in this Marvel Cinematic World...

I think this idea originated from what they done with Item 47... I think the TV series will be more like that.. I think SHIELD might feature, superheroes will be mentioned, but i don't think any Marvel Heroes will be the main or supporting characters.. Maybe smaller characters will guess star..

This way Marvel can still have fun with these characters within this world, without worrying about CG effects and big action scenes...
Yes. That is exactly how you would approach this. Normal characters, most of whom aren't even in the comic books. Supporting players of supporting heroes in the MCU. That way you remove any and all expectations of seeing major characters and big action sequences.

Spider-Woman or Ms. Marvel (no super powers) are about the highest I would go as far as top of the line Marvel heroes featured on a weekly basis. TV shows cater very much to the female demo and this is a good way to get those characters exposure. Being that Marvel hasn't had a street level hero featured as of yet (other than Punisher), I think Luke Cage/Heroes for Hire can definitely be a major mation picture if not a franchise, albeit with a much smaller budget. No reason why that can't be something a notch below Fast and the Furious as a franchise. Probably won't ever be as popular as that, but still pretty damn good.

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