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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 3

Originally Posted by marvel_freshman View Post
That does relax some concerns, and indicate that the script is on point. But like you say, I do think Marvel should loosen up with their run-times. In past interviews, Feige commented on the matter saying that it all comes down to what keeps the story moving...and that they don't set out for a specific run. To me that sorta means, "it's all about the story...F--- the little characters."

With The Avengers being so successful and their longest movie, 143 minutes, I'm hoping they consider 'The more the better.'
I actually hope they continue to stay away from such sweeping generalizations when thinking about what makes a movie successful. Studio execs thinking "the more the better" gave us clusterf**ks like the Star Wars prequels and Spider-Man 3. That said, I think we agree that they should realize that fun superhero action adventures don't have to be limited to 2 hours.

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