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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Baneis8feettall View Post
I loved "Where is it" part..some people say it's over acting but I think Batman went mad and lost his control after all the things Bane put him trough.Pure dominance over Bane.It was hillarious too. Especially if you know all about bat-voice criticism.

Talia's death. Creepy,awkward and hillarious. It was a bad cut or Nolan wanted it that way.

Bane taking a missle on his chest.Unexpected scene.

Maybe Nolan intended giving such weird ends both Bane & Talia.It was like something from Tarantino movie.
I love the growl in Bale's voice. I just don't get why he's slurring his words? It was apparent even in TDK when he was talking to Maroni, and Dent before the chase scene.

Talia's death scene was terrible. It was like Schumacher directed that scene.

Originally Posted by ChrisBaleBatman View Post
Bane having penchant for snapping people's necks was funny to me.

His introduction of Dr. Pavel to the stadium of Gothmites as the only hope for disarming the bomb....and then his crushing that hope after said introduction by snapping his neck infront of everyone was just funny to me.
Lol it was becoming comical after a while. It reminded me a lot of MacGruber ripping peoples throats out.

Originally Posted by Greens View Post
"I am the League of Shadows" sounded very Darth Vader-like. Yes I know he sounds like that all the time but it's the way he said it.
I picked up on the star wars influence too. Even the bat sound fx sounded very much like they were pulled from star wars.

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