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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

So... I've seen the new movie and as usual it's difficult to rate a movie so shortly after you've seen it the first time. It was definitely one of the most entertaining Batman movies, although you know, like it is with Nolan's movies, when you watch them in cinema they are pretty good but watch them again and they lose a lot, I cannot even watch "The Dark Knight" anymore. And of course, the writing was simply atrocious and sloppy with lots of parts cramped into this but usually poorly developed. Don't get me started on BS like Blake seeing that he is Batman IN HIS EYES and the amazing Bale-Mole-Man tunnels...

So for now I rank them like this:

1. Batman Begins
2. Batman 66
3. The Dark Knight Rises
4. Batman 89
5. Batman Forever
6. The Dark Knight
7. Batman Returns
8. Batman & Robin

Yet, only Batman Begins and Batman 66 work for me, judging from the writing perspective. And I could interchange between rank 3 and 6 any day. stupid lists!

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