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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
I'm with you. After the second trailer I'm set. I didn't watch any of the long clips or extra footage for Batman or Spiderman for that matter. Way too much. I love that feeling of being surprised and taken off guard.
That's what I did with SR (not seeing anything besides the trailer, I even almost forgot about the kid) but I don't think I'll be able to control myself this time around because I'm an idiot. *grumbles* It's hard to get away from something when you want to see it so very badly. And I'm so curious about Henry's portrayal, as I'm sure everyone on this board is. I'm itching to know more.

Hopefully someone won't have to physically restrain me from checking out the tantalizing MOS TV spots next year, because after watching the extremely spoilerific TDKR spots - and reading rumours and seeing spoilery pap shots during the film's production - I am aware how easy it is to spoil the movie for yourself. The smallest scene or shot could be too much, as you say. It may be one of those shots you were looking forward to, one of those character moments, and the kind of stuff you don't want to know beforehand because it's such a joy to see it on the big screen first. And though TDKR still had surprises in store for me, I do feel the tv spots in particular gave too much of the story/best character lines away. The two weeks before release were the worst.

And so I don't want Superman/Clark's best lines, for instance, to appear in the trailers/spots. Give us some "WOOT! HELLZ, YEAH!" iconic shots to make people notice the film, and add in at least some humour. But those real gems, the hidden gems no one saw coming? Those work like wonders when they manage to surprise you! Because I remember someone saying back when SR was released, that they already knew, judging by the first big trailer, the film had little action and "not much of a plot". There were no surprises left. Not sure if that was just some smug fan acting all smart and condescending after the news hit SR was not performing as well as expected at the BO, but yeah, that quote really stuck out to me for some reason (personally, I had no fears when I saw the trailer).

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