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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

When they're leaving the stock exchange, Bane saying "Thank You" in that almost sweet manner when he takes the red helmet from someone LOL. The slightly higher pitched voice is delightful. He sounds like a Victorian gentleman.

I actually LOVED his voice throughout and thought the pitch and just how different he sounded from everyone else, was one of the best things about him! It gave him more character. And the way he says "lovely" at the stadium almost had me in stitches. I'm glad he wasn't all doom and gloom.

Just fourteen years ago, a boy looked deep into the void of night and told the darkness he would spend the rest of his life warring on criminals. He meant it.
He studied, he trained, he clawed his way toward becoming a man who must never again lose to evil.
Just six nights ago, he looked deep into himself and murmured, "I am ready."
- Batman Chronicles #19

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