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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

Id like to get my hands on this manual. So he returns to Gotham in 2003, debuts as Batman soon after (03 or 04 was it?), is active as Batman til 2005 where he saves the city from Ra's. Keeps the suit for 3 more years fighting crime until 2008. Joker builds his reputation during this time as well.

They meet in 2008, he changes his suit. During the summer is when the ending happens with Dent. Batman dissapears for 8 years. And you know how that ends.

Just typing it out quickly, is that correct?

This changes A LOT! You can do many stories with different mobsters and other freaks before Joker comes into play. Alberto Falcone, Black Mask, Deadshot, Hush? Penguin? Mad Hatter if you make him a child kidnapper or something. Killer Croc if you make him a big black dude with a skin condition working as the muscle to either Maroni or Sionis.

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