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Default How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Now, I'm not naming names, but I'm already seeing a disgruntled blowback on TDKR that is starting to extend to the whole trilogy. Despite being almost universally beloved on this boards in 2005 and 2008, fans are starting to taste change in the air and the possibility for something new....

Now, we've seen it happen time and again. When the new comes along, fans not only turn on the old, a majority at some point comes to the consensus they NEVER liked the old toys and always hated them. We saw this with Burton when Nolan came along. We saw this with Raimi when Webb came along. We saw this with Singer when Vaughn came along. And if you just scroll down to the Superman boards you can see it right now starting to trinkle out with Donner now that Snyder/Nolan have come along.

So, I'll be optimistic and say that it won't be a majority until the week of a reboot and/or JL film, but there will be a plurality of discontent by the trailer. And yet the cynic in me says soon as there is an announcement or poster the bandwagon will begin.

So let the voting begin.

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