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Default Re: 2nd Trailer/First FULL Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by matrix_ghost View Post
I do think that a new trailer will be attached to the Hobbit though just like you said , it would be nice to have a sneak peak of the footage ala TDK and TDKR.
The thing is that with the footage of TDK and TDKR , both times they introduced the villains of the movie . If this basically turns out to be Superman Begins , i just can't see them showing a full sequence because the movie would basically build towards Clark's inevitable introduction as Superman.
And what's the use of introducing the villain when the movie is about Superman.

Although now that i think about it , perhaps the scene of Jor-El fighting Zod , the Jor-El lauching Kal-El into space and the inevitable destruciton of Krypton
Well when they did Batman Begins they did an 8 minute preview with Smallville's season 4 finale so I was thinking more like an 8 min preview with the Hobbit. I don't think they'l do it anyway aswell with Hobbit been about 3 hours long no doubt it'd add to the already long run time.

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